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AB 2312 (Ammiano) Controlled Substances

Jun 5th, 2012

AB 2312 (Ammiano) Controlled Substances

Since it appears that any fiscal reform is up in smoke this year, apparently the legislature is looking for a “Hail Mary Jane” action to generate magic revenue. In this case, creating structure around marijuana use.  Although like a teenager defying his parents, California seems to forget that the feds still classify this plant as […]

SB 1390 (Wright) Gambling: Sports Wagering

Jun 1st, 2012

SB 1390 (Wright) Gambling: Sports Wagering

Despite being prohibited by federal law, AB 1390 would allow gambling on professional and collegiate sports or athletic events. Yay!  All those boring USC-UCLA game day arguments can now generate revenue for the state.   The problem is, the bill could only take effect if the current federal ban is dropped or found illegal.  In sports […]

SB 1234 (De Leon) Retirement Savings Plans

Jun 1st, 2012

SB 1234 (De Leon) Retirement Savings Plans

California’s current budget deficit is around $15.7 billion and its unfunded pension liability is around $500 billion.  So, based on the strength of its fiscal management skills, the state would like to jump into the deep end of the red ink and develop a NEW pension system for the private sector.  “No, really, trust me, […]

ACR 109 (Pan) Rare Disease Day

Feb 29th, 2012

ACR 109 (Pan) Rare Disease Day

Always thinking of others, our thoughtful Legislature.  This time, to focus attention on rare diseases as a public health issue. And, with so much irony, the commemorative day is its own rarity, February 29th or Leap Day.  So tender and so clever.  Apparently the theme for Rare Disease Day is solidarity, certainly a rarity in […]

AB 2100 (Alejo) Promote Welfare of Professional Mixed Martial Arts Fighters

Feb 29th, 2012

AB 2100 (Alejo) Promote Welfare of Professional Mixed Martial Arts Fighters

In a sport that employs a legal move named the “guillotine choke” and is defined as “full contact combat,” perhaps a bill “enhancing the safety and promoting the welfare” of its fighters is not the best use of the Legislature’s time.  Now, if the Legislature wants to take a lesson from the MMA play book […]

AB 1975 (Halderman) Medical Marijuana: Pesticide Regulation

Feb 28th, 2012

AB 1975 (Halderman) Medical Marijuana: Pesticide Regulation

Only in California would the legislature develop guidelines to enforce state pesticide regulations on the growing of an illegal drug, by federal standards. Apparently the discriminating consumers want to be sure they’re not ingesting pesticides or other toxins along with their medical mary jane. Eco-conscious ganja growers can’t get the USDA to certify pot products […]

AB 1777 (Ma) Legalizing Scattering Urns

Feb 28th, 2012

AB 1777 (Ma) Legalizing Scattering Urns

Not content with regulating every aspect of waking life, the legislature is now moving onto the afterlife.  Despite existing law that covers the disposition of cremated human remains, apparently now we need one that specifically calls out the legality of transferring remains to a “scattering urn” before turning dear departed auntie into the sea.  There […]

AB 1820 (Block) Outlawing Push Pins

Feb 28th, 2012

AB 1820 (Block) Outlawing Push Pins

Life can be a dangerous place to hang around and certainly little ones need well-meaning adults to look out for their health and safety.  Even with that, tragic accidents can happen.  The solution isn’t to outlaw every pointy-ended thing.  Push pins have been around for 112 years and children a good deal longer than that.  […]

AB 1678 (Monning) Food Truck Ban Near Schools

Feb 22nd, 2012

AB 1678 (Monning) Food Truck Ban Near Schools

Just about every bill introduced during the legislative session can be wrapped with the faux luv of “it’s for the kids.”  Up for consideration is a bill that would equate food trucks with strip clubs by banning their proximity to schools from 6am to 6pm on the grounds that it could divert kids from a […]

ACR 99 (Fuentes) National Coupon Month

Feb 16th, 2012

ACR 99 (Fuentes) National Coupon Month

Apparently not noticing the rich irony in advocating for penny-pinchers, this bill language actually states: “Once consumers adopt frugal habits, they quickly discover that they like the feeling of saving money.” Lo that the Legislature could find that same “enjoyment of saving” when spending Californians’ money for them.   Instead of looking for BOGO deals on […]